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Overall length
Max horsepower
900 HP
Fuel capacity
1211 Litres
Boat weight
3674 Kgs
Brochure pdf, 2.07 MB

Looking for a little, big boat? The Invincible 33 Open Fisherman is both. This is their littlest in their centre console mono hull range but large by most centre console standards in Australia. The Invincible 33 Open Fisherman was built to incorporate the enhanced performance characteristics of the patented Stepped Vee Ventilated Tunnel (SVVT) while at the same time providing ease of use and the safety of twin engines. At 10 metres, the 33 Open Fisherman rides and fishes like a big boat but handles like a small one.

The hull was designed by renowned naval architect Michael Peters and creates the lowest drag coefficient of any mono hull in the world. This means increased speed, better fuel economy than conventional stepped hulls and an all-around better ride.

The Invincible 33 Open comes rigged with twin engines with a maximum horsepower of 900. Even with twin 300hp outboards, the boat can achieve close to 100 km/h. That would get you to your favourite fishing location in no time.

The Invincible 33 Open Fisherman is a centre console design with a small seat in the front of the console and a captain’s helm at the rear. Dash space has been maximised to ensure that there is enough space for any electronics combination and underneath there is space for a toilet should you choose to add one.

There is ample storage located under the floor in multiple fish lockers. The customary live well is located at the transom, where it should be, providing effortless access to your baits.

Invincible boats pride themselves on a semi-custom format, so there are a multitude of options available including rigging stations and additional rod holders to make this the best fishing boat it can be.

Standard features: 

  • Above and below deck livewells
  • AGM sealed batteries
  • Built-in anchor locker
  • Deluxe console with fully lined interior-room for full sized head
  • Exceptionally generous under-deck storage
  • Highly finished bilge
  • Under gunnel lighting
  • High speed pickup for livewell seachest
  • Interior console light
  • Saltwater washdown
  • 3 x automatic 7570 LPH bilge pumps
  • Waterproof switches and circuit breaker protected system
  • 100% vinylester resin hull
  • 316 stainless steel hardware
  • Single level deck
  • 360-degree walk around fishability
  • 1211 litres of fuel allows for +450 plus nautical mile range
  • Hardtop
  • 4 x LED spreader lights
  • 5 x rod holders for back of hardtop
  • Windshield enclosure
  • Livewell Seachest 2 pumps
  • Deluxe tackle station leaning post
  • Fresh water washdown
  • Hose coil kit for salt water washdown

*Please note that the above standard features include Invincible’s standard features plus additional options that we, at Boat Monster, know that you will need, want and love.

Invincible 33 Open Fisherman
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About Invincible Boats

The ride the industry is talking about. That is what sets Invincible apart and what they set out to achieve in 2006. They have singlehandedly reshaped the centre-console fishing boat category. They have the fastest and flattest-riding hulls in the business. A ride that must be experienced to truly feel the Invincible difference.

Invincible use the most current techniques available, and the finest materials to build boats that are more athletic and stronger. They build true semi-custom, owner-designed boats in mono and catamaran styles, and ensure your Invincible is built to their exacting standards with your distinct wishes in mind.

The great Invincible ride is thanks to the innovative Stepped Vee Ventilated Tunnel (SVVT) design. This design was pioneered with world-renowned marine architect, Michael Peters. It delivers unprecedented speed and ride quality, combined with unbelievable fuel economy and stability.

The Invincible mono V hull started with a clean sheet of paper, making the ergonomic and functional demands of the hardcore offshore angler the first priority in every decision, from hatch and compartment placement to the rigging and plumbing. All of this was approached from an engineering perspective, to combine bank vault quality strength with yacht-quality finishes throughout, designed for a lifetime of performance and durability that will stand up to the toughest use.

The Invincible catamaran hull was the culmination of a collaboration with Gino Morrelli and Pete Melvin of Morrelli & Melvin, the designers behind some of the most iconic sailing catamarans of the past 20 years. Their championship pedigree and investment in computational fluid dynamics makes them the most knowledgeable and technologically advanced firm in boating. The result was the unprecedented Invincible 40 Catamaran.

The Invincible catamaran hull handles well at speed, leans inward during a turn and rides in following and quartering seas without negative trim. Using Invincible’s exclusive access to Morrelli & Melvin’s patented, hybrid, semi-asymmetric, multihull design, the full line of Invincible Catamarans provides eye-popping performance, combined with a dry, soft ride, all packaged in a catamaran that has eliminated the compromises that came with catamarans of the past.

All Invincible boats exhibit quick, responsive handling, a soft, stable ride and best-in-class speed.

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