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Overall length
Max horsepower
200 HP
Fuel capacity
211 Litres
Boat weight
952 Kgs

A versatile inshore fishing boat, the Tidewater 2110 Bay Max combines 6.5 metres of spacious shallow water fishing capability with Tidewater’s exceptional hull design, allowing you to venture farther than you ever thought possible. The 2110 Bay Max is the mid-size in the Bay Max range and is another beautifully crafted shallow water fishing rig that also has the hull design and ride to tackle offshore fishing. Fast moving schools of pelagics are well within reach aboard the 2110 Bay Max.

It is built on Tidewater’s exclusive Corrugated Grid Stringer Vertebra design, or CGSV which is optimised for this particular hull length. The hull is also foam filled which reduces water noise and ensures a quiet ride.

For fishing, it comes standard with features such a twin live wells, large casting platforms forward and aft plus loads of storage. There is 196 litres of fish box space in the bow and four separate compartments for storage up front.

There are two options for the console with a larger option allowing a portable toilet to be concealed below. Other options include your choice of leaning post with multiple designs to choose from and a tower and sunshade over the console. The latter is recommended for Australian conditions. This is a feature packed boat with many options for customisation.

Capable of a maximum 200hp engine and with a 10 inch draft, the 2110 Bay Max has all the standard features and performance to make sure that nothing gets away and nowhere is too tough for you to wet a line.

Standard features:

  • Sahara interior
  • Console (with livewell)
  • Performance rev. seat
  • BayStar plus steering
  • 2 x Aerated livewells
  • LED cockpit lighting package
  • Trolling motor plug
  • 4 x pull up cleats

Tidewater 2110 Bay Max
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Tidewater 2110 Bay Max running

About Tidewater Boats

In 2006 Tidewater Boats began with a dream. With decades of marine craftsmanship and knowledge, they set out to create the best boat value for the money. Over a decade later and Tidewater has developed into one of the fastest growing, most popular saltwater boats in the industry.

Born in the Midlands of South Carolina where Marine Craftsmanship is a staple of the economy, Tidewater has historically utilized the best materials and the best skilled labour to produce a boat worthy of proud ownership.

One of the many advantages of owning a Tidewater is performance. Not only do they consider speed and economy on all their boats but also how comfortable, stable and dry they are. And they know that conditions can vary from day to day. The Carolina Flare diverts water away from the bow. Chines direct water down and out from the boat while several spray relief points eliminate water coming into the cockpit.

To achieve this, Tidewater boats are wider from chine to chine eliminating large bow rises. The chines are also reverse, creating downward pressure on the water and delivering a cushioned ride. Tidewater call it the dry Chine Ride or DCR.

The hull construction is an exclusive Corrugated Grid Stringer Vertebra design, or CGSV which is optimised for each different sized boat in the range. The hulls are also foam filled which reduces water noise and ensures a quiet ride.

There are a host of models to choose from and dedicated fishermen looking for the ultimate fishing boat will appreciate the choice, allowing you to do everything from chasing inshore fish to offshore trophies.

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