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Boat buying – the secrets of boat buying on a budget

Boat buying and how not to sink yourself in the process.


Buying a boat involves a series of calculated considerations. It need not be a bank breaking decision; however, it must be a thoughtful one. We do not want to sink ourselves in the process. Important questions you might want to ask yourself early include, what standards and options must the boat have and what can I live without? Excitingly, it is more than ever before possible in Australia to fulfil the dream of boat ownership.

Taking the time to perform the necessary research is the most crucial element in buying a boat on a budget. Even more important than keeping an objective mind. Be realistic. Be cutting with what you can and cannot live without on your boat. The great thing about boats these days is that most of them come with a modular approach to the build. This allows you to be a little ruthless, keeping the crucial elements and cutting the rest. You can always add options later when you have some more extra cash. Just like buying a car, it is going to be easier and cheaper in the long run if you buy a well-known boat brand with a strong support network. It will be easier to order in parts and to repair should you have any trouble down the track.


Ranieri Cayman 19 Sport

Ranieri Cayman 19 Sport


Buying from home

Australian boat manufacturers have become more efficient than ever over the last years. The value of the Australian dollar has also made imported boats more affordable. When navigating the boat market on a budget, it is important to know exactly what you will get for every dollar. With a change of consumer buying patterns, boat builders have tweaked their expectations and standard offerings to introduce model ranges that are both attractive and realistic for savvy boat buyers needing to put a dollar ceiling on the dream.


Buying overseas

American manufacturers are still as popular as ever for those looking at the imported boat range, especially when it comes to fishing vessels. Priding themselves on quality and affordability, American manufacturers are building well-appointed vessels with a very fair price tag to match. European manufacturers have more so in the past been associated with luxury vessels with an exclusive price tag. This remains true of some boat manufacturers, but others have also answered the changing call of the consumer. With brands such as Ranieri, an Italian manufacturer, quality and family focussed vessels are being built at much more affordable prices. An Italian manufacturer of quality family boats in various sizes, Ranieri is producing RIBs and fibreglass hulled boats that cover tenders, family cruisers and dayboats.


Decision time

So, you have completed your research and you have a strong idea of what you want to buy and how much you are prepared to spend. Now you have to consider how and where you are going to buy your boat. Companies such as Boat Monster can offer extraordinary deals on Boat, Motor, Trailer (BMT) packages. The manufacturers have done the legwork for you in arranging deals with suppliers across large numbers of boats. Here you can take advantage of buying power. Peace of mind is another bonus as packages are designed by experts, meaning that all the different elements are guaranteed to complement one another. These packages come with warranties and often hold a strong resale value. In addition, some dealers will also offer or arrange for finance companies on site or at least a phone call away.

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