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Contender Boats in Australia

Boat Monster talks to Jack Sprouster about Contender Boats

Contender Boats Australia 35 Stepped Tournament

Contender 35 Stepped Tournament in paradise

Take a look at this set up!  Mothership “Sumo” is a luxurious 90ft Horizon Yacht complimented by two Contender boats.  The Contender 30 and 35 Stepped tournaments are specialized fishing boats and also tenders to Sumo with the whole operation run by the Sumo crew, Jack, Shivssy and Matt.

Jack has been working on Contender Boats since 2017 with the first being a Contender 30 Stepped Tournament, followed by the 35 Stepped Tournament in 2021. He is now awaiting a Contender 39 Fisharound to add to the fleet. This much anticipated vessel is currently in production!

Jack has been in the marine industry for 15 years and has Master 4 and Marine Engine Driver Grade 2 qualifications while Shivvy and Matt both have Master 5 and 2 qualifications.

The crew are able to do each other’s roles so if Jack and Matt are out on the Contenders, Shivssy can drive the 90 ft mothership. With the Contenders being so fast, they can cover a lot of distance and rendezvous at a new location at the end of each day.

Read on to hear Jacks unfiltered opinions on Contender Boats and Boat Monster.

Contender 30ST and 35ST - tenders to the mothership Sumo in the background.

The Contender 30ST and 35ST – tenders to the mothership Sumo in the background.

Q)   You have owned a couple of Contender boats, what attracts you to the Contender brand?

“Honestly it’s the way they are built and the way they perform! We need support vessels that can handle being towed underway in all sea conditions. They need to be fast and comfortable enough to do ship to shore transfers whilst also being able to handle the different styles of fishing we do on the East coast. Most importantly the second station is the most critical feature for me as we spend around 200 days a year on the water and the majority of that is in and around the reef. The second station allows crew to have a clear view in low light, it also frees up space in the main level which is an absolute game changer in my eyes.”

Contender Boats 35 Stepped Tournament

Fishing with the Contender 35 Stepped Tournament

Q)   What else do you like about Contender? And in particular the Contender 35 ST?

“Our first Contender was a 30ST and we still say that it’s the best boat we ever owned. It is super agile and an absolute bulldog in any sea state but still small enough to be able to be trailered. As our operation grew we needed more room so we upgraded to the 35ST and I’m glad we did! It’s amazing how much the 5FT difference in length makes. The 35ST also has a larger toilet area making it easier for the girls to come and enjoy the day on the water.”

Contender Boats 30ST and Contender Boats 35 stepped tournament

Contender 30 ST and Contender 35 ST side by side.

Q)   What are you looking forward to about the Contender 39 Fisharound?

“Where do I start! It’s funny we just received our new mothership but to be honest we are all more excited about the Contender 39 Fisharound. We spend the majority of a day on the Contender so when we had the capacity to build one from new we couldn’t resist. We have been able to install heaps of the features that we want. We have insulated all kill bins and plumbed a saltwater ice maker to pump ice straight into them. This is a game changer for us.”


Contender Boats 30ST and Contender Boats 35 stepped tournament

Fishing on board the Contender 35 Stepped Tournament

Q)   Do you have plans for when the Contender 39 Fisharound arrives? Are you taking it anywhere special?

“Once it arrives we are towing it across to Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu for the season. We are looking forward to fishing some of the mental Seamounts. Then we are heading over to Fiji before potentially taking it down to New Zealand. We have a busy schedule!”


Contender Boats 30ST and Contender Boats 35ST Stepped

Sumo crew on board the mothership.

Q) What do you like about Boat Monster and the services they provide?

“The knowledge and service that Boat Monster provide is unrivalled! Obviously anyone can import a boat but by having a dedicated team that has the knowledge behind them hugely beneficial. Over the last 6 years we have had a number of tricky questions and issues and without Boat Monsters help we would have been stuck.

For example, a few years ago we were right in the heart of heavy tackle season and I had my electronics go to ground, at the same time my second station controls failed. I remember thinking, ‘well there goes the next few weeks’. I rang around the local Yamaha dealers and no one had anything in stock so I called Sam at Boat Monster. He sorted it all out and I was back up and running within a few days. That was a huge relief!

We have bought and sold multiple boats through Boat Monster. The service is honest and reliable.  What more can you ask for?”

Contender 35 Stepped Tournament at sunset

Contender 35 Stepped Tournament at sunset.

Contender Boats Australia: Boat Monster has been the exclusive distributor for Contender Boats in Australia since 2005.

Please contact us if you’re interested in a Contender Boat.

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