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Are you confused about boat storage?

Your boat and its size determine the boat storage options available to you.


With all of the different storage options carrying different weights in positives and negatives, it is imperative that you consider the storage options available to you when purchasing a new or used boat. Ask yourself, where do I want to use the boat? How do I want to use the boat? And how often do I want to use the boat?

Dry storage, mooring, or trailer are your options, and each comes with different pluses and minuses and maintenance costs. The size of the boat is unquestioningly linked to the storage options available to you. A 24–25-foot boat, for example, leaves you with the option of mooring only, or in some cases dry dock storage.



Mooring your vessel offers great benefits but equally downsides. The positives include the accessibility and readiness of use. Your boat is there every time you want to use it. Just hop onboard and you are on your way.

The downside to moorings can be seen in the dollar signs. Depending on the popularity of the mooring location, the moor itself is going to cost you a likely steep annual fee. In addition, boats on a moor need to comply with regular checks and repairs. The antifouling moored boats require to stop weed, slime and barnacles growing on the bottom is also not a cheap exercise. Wear and tear the boat suffers due to sitting out constantly under harsh weather conditions also adds to your maintenance costs.


Dry storage

In our densely populated major cities, dry storage is becoming a popular option. Dry storage generally involves a forklift or dry lift that lifts your boat out of the water and stores it undercover in a huge shed on specifically designed racks. Different storage spaces cater to different size boats but commonly accommodate boats up to 24 feet, with some storage facilities catering to vessels up to 40 feet.

The real positives of dry storage are seen in the minimal wear and tear of the boat over time. Less checks, less repairs, and less maintenance. Most dry storage operators will have your boat off the rack and in the water waiting for you when you arrive. Whilst it does strike out the last minute, spontaneous day out on the boat, with a bit of planning, you do not need to worry about your boat being inaccessible.


Boat storage for Contender 25T and Invincible boats, Ranieri Boats, Tidewater boats and all other Contender boats.

Contender 25 Tournament on trailer



Trailers are the convenient and popular storage option for many boat owners. Most trailered boats are less than 7.5 metres in length due to existing state laws which restrict movement of boats over this width.

Trailers give you flexibility, variety and keep the costs right down. Hook up the trailer to the back of your car and cruise to a new waterway every time if variability is your thing. Costs are low with a trailer. Keeping your boat out of the water and covered from harsh weather conditions means maintenance costs are at a minimum. You will also fill up the fuel tank at a regular petrol station rather than paying the exorbitant on water charges for fuel.

The downsides of a trailer include that you must limit the size of your boat to comply with your States’ trailer size regulations. Another is space. You are going to need a spot to keep your boat and trailer out of the way and preferably out of the weather.

There are many critical considerations when looking to purchase a new or used boat and certainly storage should be one of them. Make sure the boat and storage option suits your lifestyle and permits you to use the boat as often as possible.

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